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Other Practice Areas

Civil, Family, and Other Non-Criminal Cases

This office is first and foremost a criminal defense law firm. However, Attorney Alice frequently takes non-criminal matters. For example, we commonly prepare divorce decrees for couples without children, prepare simple wills and codicils, take personal injury cases, and represent business clients in civil litigation. 


If, at your free consultation, it is determined that your non-criminal case would benefit from retaining a lawyer with particular experience, Attorney Alice will do her best to recommend another lawyer who she believes may be a better fit and there will be no charge to you. This Firm shares office space with attorneys who focus on other matters, meaning that sometimes the right lawyer is right next door. 


Additionally, Attorney Alice frequently teams up with other attorneys to jointly represent clients, especially in family law, immigration, and personal injury cases where there may be criminal consequences. If you are afraid that the opposing party in your family law, immigration, personal injury, or other civil case may try to accuse you of a crime, you may need a criminal lawyer on your team to ensure that your rights are protected through the course of your lawsuit. 


Remember, there is never a charge unless Attorney Alice can accept your case. Come in for a free and confidential consultation.

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