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Defense of Non-U.S. Citizens

Criminal Defense for Foreign Nationals

Many defense attorneys, even the ones who speak Spanish, do not know “crimigration” law or Padilla defense. At this firm, Alice does more than just speak Spanish.  Approximately half of Attorney Alice’s criminal clients have not been U.S. citizens. 


Whether you are a lawful permanent resident (also known as a “green card” holder), have a work visa, have DACA status, are a refugee with a CAT or asylum claim, or are an undocumented immigrant with no papers at all, your criminal defense lawyer must be able to work closely with your immigration counsel to ensure your rights are protected.  In some cases, pleading guilty may have consequences that are not immediate. For example, you may not get deported right away, but you may not be able to renew your DACA or obtain a new visa. 


This firm, along with your immigration counsel, will ensure that you do not stand in front of the judge without knowing how it may affect your ability to remain in The United States of America.

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